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We know that security is not all about prevention, but also about trust, image, brand, efforts to make the online experience as safe as possible for the customers and making them aware that their sensitive data is in safe hands.

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Online experience and security

Invictus SECURED supports online businesses in their efforts to assure their clients that the online experience and cybersecurity are important concerns for which they constantly direct energy and resources.

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How it works?

How to get Invictus SECURED seal:


Security Evaluation

Evaluation of the security level by performing a pentration test


Security Patching

Evaluation of the security after patching all the identified security flaws


Invictus SECURED

Add the Invictus SECURED seal on the website, let your customers be aware of their secured online experience



Your website will be regularly scanned for weaknesses that hackers and malicious people can exploit

Our solutions will skyrocket your sales and help you protect your website.

Cybersecurity has become a key factor in the choices of Internet users, as a result of understanding the new digital implications. Recent studies show that 19% of customers would stop buying from a retailer who has fallen victim to hackers.

Customers are more aware than ever of the security dangers

In the context of a digital world with increasingly advances technologies, states increasingly regulate the use of personal data, while customers are more aware than ever of the security dangers they are exposed to on the internet.

Understanding the reality and the new implications that digital era has brought, has created from cybersecurity a key factor in the choices of internet users. Thus, it is no wonder that 19% of the customers declared that they would stop shopping at a retailer that had fallen victim to hackers.

Cybersecurity has quickly become an essential factor of the eCommerce industry

Concern and Responsibility

A factor of differentiation between competitors on the market and an indication of the concern and responsibility for the customers’ experience

Credibility on the market

An indicator for the customers that their data will be safe and that the brand is concerned about its credibility on the market

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